St. Boniface Episcopal School

serving children six weeks old through our Jr. Kindergarten program

Comfort, Texas


St. Boniface School has been serving children and families joyfully for over 15 years. We have been blessed and are proud of our wonderful, professional school staff and director who excel at teaching and nurturing young children.  And we are honored to have had the privilege of helping many, many children explore, learn and flourish. St. Boniface School is a jewel in the Comfort community.

It is with heavy hearts and much regret that the St. Boniface Episcopal School Board and the St. Boniface Episcopal Bishop’s Committee must announce that as of October 27 our school will be officially closing.  The low enrollment of our school cannot financially sustain this ministry to our families and children.  Thank you to the Comfort community for the support and trust that you’ve given the school through the years.  We are grateful for the wonderful years we’ve had.


       “Learning to Love; Loving to Learn”
     St. Boniface Episcopal School - 116 Hwy 87 North, Comfort, TX  - 830-995-5708